Wonder why when they sing they lift their hands up?
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That question.....I asked myself once

I sat in church for so long....as that person wondering why. Why when those people sang they put their hands up? Like they were reaching for something or someone? I never knew, that one day, I would be the one, crying my eyes out, and lifting my hands to the ceiling! It seems like a silly thing to do! Why reach to something that won;t reach back, right?
The thing i didn't know then was, He is reaching back, you just have to feel it!
Who I choose to be
I was raised Lutheran, and turned Nazarene! Big change, but I loved it! They say Christians don't know! But, we do! I know exactly what its like! I've had people shun me, or call me names or hit me because, well i am what i choose to be, A christian!

Psalms 119:9

How can a young man stay pure? By obeying your laws.

1 a : one who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ
Yes, i admit it! I believe ok, you got me! I am what i say i am! Even though, (not to proud to admit it) sometimes I don't act like it!

When you decide to reach

They say christianity isn't hard to follow, no not if you're God himself! Its not easy, what is easy, is knowing that what you're doing is 'wrong' or 'right'! And my head has ALWAYS told me that!
Like evey teenager, I grew up! And it seem slike it was FAST! I went for about, 7 months, living the worldly life when i was 14. I played volleyball for a homeschool high school charter team and that was it! Other than that, i refrained from 'christ' like activities! I wasn't into that! I was sick~ With depression, or in my mind, feeling sorry for yourself! (even though i still deal with it today)I knew in my mind i wanted NO part of Christ! But, God would allow me to be that person, so he sent in his worker, into my heart, my life, my mind, and my soul and she in turn sowed in me a seed, now- 1 year and 4 months later has that seed has finally started growing! God doesn't work over night! Not like that bean stalk, he actually needs nurturing! Water, sunlight, and alot of Love and God grows on you pretty fast! I'm not perfect NEVER have been- never will be! But no matter how hard I try, I can't run from God! He keeps finding me! I won't tell you that this is an easy thing to believe! Or, that it will bring instant happiness, i would be lying! Its no infommercial, Its your soul. The part of you that will go either one of two places when you die, and its up to you where! The earth is a very weird place, that as for now is my home, but, its only temperary, a place that isn't going to be my home long! After my life is done, I too will go one of two places, its everyones destany to die, but where they go, thats their choice. Being who i am, a chiristian, Isn't easy, it isn't fun sometimes, and it isn't soemthing everyone excpets! But i choose to be what or who i am, because I know God cares, and i know he's there! He loves you too! I still to this day, feel depressed, or alone, or scared,. thats life. In Psalms, David felt alone too! He felt depressed and cried out to the Lord, But, the difference about my feelings are, I know GO dis always there! So even when i feel alone, Its comforts me to knowGod cares and he NEVER leaves.

So, why do I put my hands up? Because no matter where I am, He always reaches back!

to breath

To breathe, is to have breath, and to have breath is to keep on living, NO MATTER WHAT!